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“Execu-Suites is the perfect environment for my work! My office is accessible, comfortable, and professional. The staff is always friendly and helpful and I love that I can work independently, but they are there for support when I need them!”
Barbara Anderson, Snyder & Associates, Inc.

“Execu-Suites fits me perfectly. Quiet, professional, visually attractive, support staff willing to help, perfect location, and more. I previously had an office at a different location, and while I liked that site very well Execu- Suites is much better. Execu- Suites offers choice of office size without breaking your budget. I just wish I had found Execu- Suites earlier!”


“If you want a convenient location, great looking suite and office, super supportive staff/ receptionist, and professional management then Execu- Suites is a great choice. I moved to Execu- Suites a short amount of time ago, and I much prefer this location. Execu- Suites is just a minute off Dodge, and my clients prefer this location. Execu- Suites is just so very comfortable!”

William G Munro, William G. Munro, L.M.S.W., P.C.

“I love being at Execu-Suites, it’s professional, yet comfortable. The staff are fun and very helpful; and my clients prefer this location over other locations I’ve been in. My office is the perfect size and my view is amazing. It’s easy for my clients to find and a great location in the Omaha area, near the interstate and Dodge street.”

Kris Siemer, Siemer Counseling & Assessment, LLC

“I’m very impressed with the quality of service that Susan and the staff provide. Our location is easily accessible for both employees and clients. Our offices truly look like offices for business executives.”

Danita Bright, President – Data Resource Technologies, Inc.