Execu-Suites™ Provides Value-added Features in its Total Office Concept

We do more than offer executive office space and professional support services, Execu-Suites™ also provides a number of value-added features that set us apart from the competition. For complete pricing information: Monthly Pricing and Optional Services Pricing.

Locally Owned

Execu-Suites™ is proud to serve Omaha as a locally owned and operated business since 1992. What does that mean for you? Every customer is important to us. That is why we are happy to go the extra mile to provide quality customer service and ensure your needs are met.

Onsite Management

The Owner/President of Execu-Suites™ offices within the walls of the business. This benefits you because any issue or question that may arise will be immediately addressed.

No Hidden Fees

At Execu-Suites™, the price you see is the price you get. You will not be tricked into paying a low teaser rent only to have additional fees piled on. With our bundled pricing, there will be no surprise hidden fees.

Professional Atmosphere

Your new office space at Execu-Suites™ will provide a warm, friendly, and professional atmosphere from which you will be able to successfully operate business. We understand the importance of a positive first impression not just the first time, but every time.

The phrase “shared office space” is likely a familiar term, but did you know about all the great benefits? Shared office space may not be the solution for everyone, but there are benefits that are often overlooked.

No Up Front Capital – Save costs by foregoing a capital investment for your own dedicated space. Mitigate risk by sharing space that’s already been vetted for prime location, sound construction, and outfitted with the right infrastructure.

All-inclusive Pricing – Securing a space is typically only half the battle. Furnishings, IT equipment, cable connections, and more can be costly. Leasing shared space ensures furnishings, IT equipment and support, a receptionist, phone lines and answering services, cleaning, security, mail delivery, and more are already taken care of. Pay a flat rate and know you have everything you need.

Opportunities To Network With Other Professionals – Execu-Suites typically has a wide range of business tenants providing networking opportunities. You may discover your next customer works next door!